About Me

My name is Christina and I currently work full time at Brigham Young University in Provo. When I'm not working, I'm enjoying adventures with my husband and taking pictures!

I love photography! My love of pictures started with scrapbooking several years ago. Since then, I've discovered how much better my scrapbooks can look with even better pictures! I bought my first Digital SLR camera (Nikon D90) in November 2009 and haven't gone more than a few days without taking a picture since then. I love to see new perspectives through the lens and am always on the lookout for good spots to photograph. I love to take pictures of things -whether they be animals, flowers, trees, or people- I've found a new way to look at the world. Since I consider myself "new", I'm still looking for my niche and will try anything at least once!

Feel free to let me know what you think: cg@byu.net

Here I am with my hubby in a place we like to visit!